Chiropractic is a Lifestyle for Families

Many people hear chiropractic and they think back pain, neck pain or accident. Chiropractic is great for all these reasons and so much more, but Chiropractors care for generations of families for crisis, acute and lifestyle care.  Chiropractic care for children is vitality important as many health problems can begin with the birth process or in infancy.  Life has many unavoidable physical, chemical and emotional stressors so it makes sense that tending to the nervous system, which controls and coordinates all systems and tissue in the body right from the beginning makes sense. Trauma from a lengthy delivery or pulling and twisting of an infant’s head or even a C-section can cause major areas of nerve pressure or subluxations. As children grow, they fall, bump into things, and manage to have minor accidents to their bodies.

I recommend children have their spines checked as soon after birth as possible. Many have brought their children to see me on the way home from the hospital. I have witnessed first-hand how chiropractic can help with ear infections, torticollis, reflux/colic/constipation, and birth injuries such as cerebral palsy.   I have even had the pleasure of working with many children who benefit from chiropractic that have ADD/ADHD, Autism and development delays.

Chiropractors are trained to care for the whole person so they are more than qualified to care for children. Chiropractic care is essential throughout all stages of life. Seniors can benefit because chiropractic helps to prevent further degeneration, increase mobility and provide pain relief.

Health problems are often lifestyle-based and families have similar lifestyles and can develop similar health problems. I have helped families up to 4 generations and it is so amazing to see that when families have chosen to make changes together, all generations benefit.