Personal and Professional Coaching Services

All new coaching clients start with providing information to plan out objectives and to help set goals. This will help clarify your vision, aid you to set distinct intentions and prioritize your attention based on these concepts and dreams. After I have carefully reviewed your information, we designate a date and time for our initial session. This can be done by phone, skype or in person. This session lasts 1 hour.

For some this is all they need to get focused and on track. By the end of our time together, you will have some objectives that you can implement immediately. Others prefer a little more guidance and would like to continue exploring options and goals, or they would like me to help them formulate the plan we create together. This is where a coaching package can be beneficial.

A coaching package consists of a set number of calls over a specific period of time. Currently, I offer 3 month (6 sessions) and 6 month (13 sessions, you receive one free for your commitment) packages. During this time we come together for 1 hour every other week, and it is designed to guide you through the steps necessary to reach your goals. As you follow your objectives, we asses and recap during each call. You may be given some “to-do’s” until we speak again. This is a great way for you to continue to maintain your focus. This might include journaling, reading, meditations, beginning to exercise and changing your diet or creating your vision book or board.

What Our Clients Are Saying


While I have known Dr. Karen for the last 7 years, it feels like an association from many lives. She is gifted and intuitive. Her ability to see beyond your present challenge makes her a class apart. She guides with love. Dr. Karen connects with a higher power that makes you get connected to the highest form of truth and purest form of love.

~Asma D. Mumbai, India

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