What is Integrative Health?

Dr. Karen focuses on a complete holistic and wellness approach for each person helping them to reach their full potential in health. The several distinct types of healing modalities that she has learned and mastered through her many years as a chiropractor and intuitive healer allow her to integrate science and energy balancing. When needed she requests hair, saliva or blood work along with muscle testing to recommend the proper nutritional changes and supplements for each individual. Giving the perfect amount of time for a thorough consult and exam ensure that all pieces of an individual’s health are addressed, even areas where no symptoms are currently present because Dr. Karen believes that your body’s need for survival is greater than being healthy or sick. Healing is an inside-out process. Dr. Karen assesses what she refers to as the 7 fundamentals for living when working with patients. They are:

  • Food, Water and Nutrition

  • Exercise and Movement

  • Rest and Relaxation

  • Breathing for Health

  • Positive Mental Attitude

  • Releasing Old Patterns

  • Raising Vibration

An imbalance in one of these areas can cause a complete change in homeostasis for you. This can lead to a decrease in health and quality of life. Understanding that our bodies were created perfectly to survive, and that any symptom is a perfect expression of the choices one has made in these essential areas helps us to create and adapt to new patterns in day to day living. The holistic approach is not about being free of symptoms but to bring you back into that original perfect state of balance.

Health Care is a Family Affair

Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, chiropractic offers choices and benefits for greater health and well-being. Chiropractic care for children offers a solid foundation for wellness for the entire family. Many spinal problems seen in adults began as early as birth. All birthing methods can stress an infant’s spine and developing nerve system. The resulting irritation to the nerve system caused by spinal and cranial misalignment can be the cause of many newborn health complaints. Colic, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions and chronic infections can often be traced to nerve system stress.

As we mature, our bodies, minds and souls require different ways to approach a total health aspect. They are: what we are eating and drinking, how we are resting, moving and breathing, and most importantly, what we are thinking and our connection to Source, God, Universal Mind. Dr. Karen calls these the 7 Essentials to Health. Chiropractic care, energy balancing, nutritional deficiencies, food and environmental allergies, changes in how we react to stress and making better choices in all of the 7 essential areas of health is part of the approach taken at Maxwell Family Chiropractic Center.

What Our Patients Are Saying


I came to see Dr. Karen seeking help for seizures that I was having  … when I first came to see her I was experiencing numerous seizures a day and I wanted to reduce the frequency and try to reduce the dosages of medications as well. This was affecting every aspect of my life on a daily basis. Within a few days of my first adjustment, I noticed a great amount of difference. My seizure activity changed and I have been able to reduce my seizure medication as well. My energy level increased dramatically and, overall, I feel much better. I firmly believe Dr. Karen promotes total health and well-being.

~ Nancy W, Roanoke, VA


I experienced an accident in the military back in 1943 and since then have been experiencing a sharp, continuous pain in my lower back and both of my legs. The medical doctors could never provide me with any lasting result. After only a few adjustments by Dr. Karen, I noticed a great improvement. I am now sleeping better and no longer have constant pain. I am able to drive long distances and can do much more physical activity than I have been able to do in years. I am gardening again!! Too many years of suffering – but grateful for Dr. K!

~ Roy H, Pulaski, VA


Dr. Karen saved my life last year….I had lost 40lbs in less than one month, always thirsty and urinating a lot. My mouth was dry and my vision was getting to the point where I couldn’t drive at night. My MD told me I had Sjögren’s Syndrome and that you have it for life. Nothing they could do but offer me drops for my eyes and gum for my mouth. Dr. Karen spoke with my MD and asked if he had taken any blood work – he had not – so she ordered appropriate tests. She felt that I did not have Sjögren’s Syndrome, but that I was a diabetic. Dr. Karen was correct! She started with adjustments and spent time with me and my wife creating a new healthy way of eating. She even came to the grocery store with us to show us how to shop! Within one month all my symptoms were gone! I was driving again! I began seeing an endocrinologist that Dr. Karen recommended and he is monitoring me better than my MD (who I no longer go to). Today my glucose levels stay level and in normal range and I’m keeping it under control with chiropractic adjustments and proper diet. Thank You Dr. Karen!!

~ Stanley S, Delray Beach, FL


I was referred to Dr. Maxwell by my MD in Jacksonville, FL. I was very ill for more than a year with exhaustion, swelling of lymph nodes, left arm fell asleep for long periods of time, weight loss, headaches, loss of menstrual cycle, chest pain, etc. Dr. Karen tested me for adrenal exhaustion and found that my body systems where shutting down. My MD could not explain what was wrong or how to treat me. After my first few visits with Dr. Karen, I noticed an improvement in my health and my family also noticed a significant improvement as well. I am so much healthier overall. My adrenal function and organs are recovering and I have much more energy and more physical stamina. I have a much better outlook on life – was able to get out of an abusive marriage and I feel 150% better. Dr. Karen has not only changed my life, she has saved my life and health in more ways than I can count or ever thank her for.

~ Alyse S, Jacksonville Beach, FL

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