Living in a World of Abundance

“Rich” people live in a world of abundance.  “Poor” people live in a world of limitations.  I’m not just talking money here, but you know that both “rich” and “poor” people live in the same physical world, so the difference, of course, is in their perspective.

Those who lack abundance seem to always speak from a position of scarcity. They live by mottos such as, “There’s only so much to go around!” “There’s never enough!”  and “You can’t have everything!”

Those who live in abundance seem to always speak from a position of prosperity. They live by mottos such as, “Abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly.”  “There is plenty for all!” and “I have unlimited choices and opportunities are everywhere.”

Although you may not be able to have “everything,” as in all the things in the world, I do think you can certainly have everything you really want. Those who function in abundance thinking have their proverbial “cake and eat it, too”.

Do you want a successful career?  Do you want a close relationship with your family? Do you want to focus on business? Do you want to have fun and play? Do you want money? Do you want meaning in your life? Do you want to earn a fortune? Do you want to do the work you love?

“Poor” people always choose one. “Rich” people choose all of the above! Say “yes” to all – live in abundance, even if that is a change!

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