Dr. Karen saved my life last year….I had lost 40lbs in less than one month, always thirsty and urinating a lot. My mouth was dry and my vision was getting to the point where I couldn’t drive at night. My MD told me I had Sjögren’s Syndrome and that you have it for life. Nothing they could do but offer me drops for my eyes and gum for my mouth. Dr. Karen spoke with my MD and asked if he had taken any blood work – he had not – so she ordered appropriate tests. She felt that I did not have Sjögren’s Syndrome, but that I was a diabetic. Dr. Karen was correct! She started with adjustments and spent time with me and my wife creating a new healthy way of eating. She even came to the grocery store with us to show us how to shop! Within one month all my symptoms were gone! I was driving again! I began seeing an endocrinologist that Dr. Karen recommended and he is monitoring me better than my MD (who I no longer go to). Today my glucose levels stay level and in normal range and I’m keeping it under control with chiropractic adjustments and proper diet. Thank You Dr. Karen!!

~ Stanley S, Delray Beach, FL