I was referred to Dr. Maxwell by my MD in Jacksonville, FL. I was very ill for more than a year with exhaustion, swelling of lymph nodes, left arm fell asleep for long periods of time, weight loss, headaches, loss of menstrual cycle, chest pain, etc. Dr. Karen tested me for adrenal exhaustion and found that my body systems where shutting down. My MD could not explain what was wrong or how to treat me. After my first few visits with Dr. Karen, I noticed an improvement in my health and my family also noticed a significant improvement as well. I am so much healthier overall. My adrenal function and organs are recovering and I have much more energy and more physical stamina. I have a much better outlook on life – was able to get out of an abusive marriage and I feel 150% better. Dr. Karen has not only changed my life, she has saved my life and health in more ways than I can count or ever thank her for.

~ Alyse S, Jacksonville Beach, FL